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If you are looking for a more affordable to print your book or booklet, spiral binding is a great alternative. Perfect for workbooks, annual reports, professional presentations, and other projects, spiral binding provides a nice, polished look.

Spiral binding works exceptionally well with all sizes of books and is cost-effective while incorporating a simple design. This type of binding is also an excellent alternative for smaller production runs. It works well with a wide array of paper styles and allows books to lay flat on desks and tables, etc. Spiral binding is a popular choice for cookbooks and executive presentations.

MyPrintEasy offers highly rated spiral bound book printing that is cost-effective and durable with a fast turnaround. Choose spiral-bound printing as a great solution for workbooks, reports, manuals, guides, and more!

Product Features

  • This type of binding is great for all sizes of books.
  • The spiral-bound design is both simple and cost-effective.
  • Creates a clean and “polished” look for fewer page books.
  • Appropriate binding option for a variety of paper types.
  • Spiral binding allows each book to lay completely flat.


  • PDF is the file format most preferred.
  • We do recommend 300 dpi resolution.
  • Submit CMYK for the preferred outcome.


How does the Spiral Bound process work?
The Spiral Bound process uses plastic coils to secure all pages and the cover together. The coils are threaded through punched holes located at the spinal edge of each sheet. After the plastic coil is inserted, we add extra security by crimping the ends to prevent your book from falling apart.

Is spiral binding a good choice for small or large print orders?
The spiral binding process uses coils instead of an adhesive. This is the main reason it provides an excellent alternative to perfect binding for smaller production runs. In addition, the turnaround time is quicker, and the binding cost is reduced.

What is the maximum number of pages that can be used with spiral binding?

The answer depends on what type of coil is used and can vary according to the paper thickness selected for the project.

Based on the selection of product size and additional option attributes, you can view and download the help template for the product.

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